This bot is kinda like the original Danny#0007 highlight bot, but with much more features. Like OCR, RegExp, and plain word triggers, there is a DND mode so if you don't want to get notified of triggers from this bot you can use h!dnd to toggle dnd mode. You can use the bot's h!help command for more information on the bot and bot commands. If you have any issues with the bot feel free to let me know. h! is the bots default prefix, it will be different depending on what you changed it to. You may also use @mention as the prefix.

Command List

# Block Commands:
• h!block → Manage the items in your blocklist. Items in your blocklist won't trigger your highlights.

# Configuration Commands:
• h!config → Define per-guild settings.
• h!disable → Disable a command.
• h!enable → Enable a command.
• h!prefix → Change the command prefix the bot uses in your server.
• h!user-config → Define per-user settings.

# Debug Commands:
• h!stats → Provides some details about the bot and stats.

# General Commands:
• h!help → Display help for a command.
• h!invite → Displays the join guild link of the bot.
• h!ping → Runs a connection test to Discord.
• h!server-perms → Shows you a list of the bots permissions in the server.

# Info Commands:
• h!guild-info → Get information on the current server.
• h!info → Tells you some information about me!
• h!mutual → Retrieve a list of servers that you share with a given User Id.
• h!nickname → Retrieve a list of nicknames for a user.
• h!role-info → Get information on a role with an id or a mention.
• h!user-info → Get information on a user with an id or a mention.

# Music Commands:
• h!lyrics → Fetch lyrics for a given artist and song.

# Notepad Commands:
• h!notes → Manage the items in your notepad. These can be used for notes.

# Settings Commands:
• h!enable-devmode → Enable developer mode to allow for using regular expressions.
• h!guild-language → Set the guilds language.
• h!toggle-dnd → Toggle Do Not Disturb mode. When activated the bot will not notify you of triggers in any server (global setting).
• h!toggle-language-override → Toggle overriding a users language. If enabled the bot will use the guild defined language.
• h!toggle-notify-once → Toggle whether you would like to only get one notification for a user that mentions one of your triggers.
• h!toggle-ocr → Toggle OCR (Image Scanning). When activated the bot will scan images for triggers (global setting).
• h!user-language → Customize the bot's language to your specific language.

# Triggers Commands:
• h!regexes → Manage the items in your regex list. Regexes are used as an advanced highlight.
• h!words → Manage the items in your word list. Words are used for simple triggers.

# Utilities Commands:
• h!math → Evaluate equations.
• h!purge → Purges messages from a channel.
• h!suggest → Suggest a feature to add to the bot.